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A tense war ships,Naval battle mission commander-jar. Because you do not know where the enemy will fire at targets where your ship is located. This is one of the ships of war games, denagn strategy that you have and adjust the position of your ship in order not detected by the enemy. However, the other side in this game can be made in a multiplayer game or can be played more than one player. Bluetooth connections who will be the mainstay to be connected. The course of this game in the allotment of the phone java format, and can be applied directly on your mobile phone. Perhaps, your friend who will be the opponent of this war game and be careful. Do not let your friends see when you adjust the placement of warships at sea, this will result in you could lose and destroy all the ships of war with ease because you already know the position where you are warships. Set your bluetooth connection is fine and always on the alert not to peep at your opponent.

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