Breast care

Treatment of the breast in order to stay beautiful and healthy can be divided into three activities, namely

1. Cleaning Breast / Breast Cleansing, 2. Massage Breast / Breast Massage, 3. Pemaskeran Breast / Breast Masking

Then what is done on each of the activity of these? Let us describe more ...

-treatment of breast

1. Cleaning Breast / Breast Cleansing

Cleaning Breast / Breast Cleansing is done before doing the massage and pemaskeran in the breast, which is the core of activity in the breast care. Cleanup of the breast is done so that your breasts are clean and fresh. Activities undertaken are:

Provide cleaners at your breasts, smooth cleanser in a circle on the breast to the chest. Then wash with a small towel and wipe with a circular direction as well in his part of the nipple. And lastly, pat gently with the use of toners is poured on the cotton, then rubbed on the breast.

2. Massage Breast / Breast Massage

As we know form the texture of the breast for each woman is different, then tekakan massage performed on the breast should also be adapted to the texture of her breasts. Women who have a soft-textured breasts should be massaged gently, while women who have breast with denser texture, can be massaged with moderate pressure. Then how many times this massage should be done?

Massage on the breast should be performed 2 times a week. You can use vegetable oil as a lubricant or it could be without using oil. And should be taken to not use aromatherapy oils or oils made from mineral-based materials.

Steps in performing massage the breast:

* Perform massage movements that move from the nipple outward. Pressure should not harder than the pressure received by the same bias eyelids. Strong pressure can make blood vessels and stop the flow of lymph depressed toxins and other fluids. Massage should be done slowly in order to achieve maximum results.

* Give massage of the breast with both hands like a squeezing motion.

* Then use both hands carefully and slowly with clockwise motion and vice versa. Do it slowly, do not put pressure on the breast is too hard.

Note: the activity of this massage, if you feel there is a lump, you should not do massage and immediately consult a doctor for further examination.

3. Pemaskeran Breast / Breast Masking

Previously, you first need to mix the ingredients to make pemaskeran breast / breast masking. If so, apply the mask on the breast except the nipple. And let a moment, after the mask is dry, lift the mask using a washcloth and wipe it clean.

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