Beautiful Breasts

In treating breast, you need to be more careful comparison with other body treatments. That is because the skin covering the breast softer and thinner than the skin of other female body parts. And keep in mind also the nipple, where the piece is her skin is softer and more sensitive again. And to make the breasts to be beautiful, you need to take care of him always.

create a beautiful breast

If the breasts are not too dirty as many of your activities that emit sweat, avoid using soap diarea, because some types of soap can dry the skin around the breast. And you can use a light moisturizer or sweet almond oil once every two days if the nipple looks cracked. Also add a few drops of essential oils like lavender, and neroli to soften your breasts as well as scent.

In addition, you can also avoid rubbing the breast with a rough towel, because if there are blisters, can make milk putung pain and tenderness.

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